The Milky Way (2019)

Milky Way

Other names:none
Distance:4 - 170,000 light years
Lens:Rokinon/Samyang 16mm f/2.0
Field of view:70.5° x 45°
Cameras:Canon EOS600D
Mount:Skywatcher EQ6-R
Exposure time:33min
OSC 33 x 1min
Sizes 1920 x 1080 | 4705 x 3000
optional processingannotated
Our home galaxy deserves more than the mere 5 minutes I captured last year. This time it is 33 minutes tracked with the new mount. The image is unguided and no dither was used. The mount tracked to well that no star alignment was needed. The over tracking error was less than 0.3 pixels or less than 16''. The polar alignment was made by polar scope.