The Orion and the Running Man Nebula

Orion and Running Man Nebula

Other names:NGC 1976, M42 / NGC 1977
Distance:1350 light years
Date:01-Jan-2020, 06-Jan-2020
Lens:TS Optics 65/420 Imaging Star
Field of view:2° 45' x 1° 51'
Cameras:Canon 800D, Canon T3i mono
Filters:Ha, OSC/none
Mount:Skywatcher EQ6-R
Guiding:ZWO OAG, Lacerta MGen-II
Exposure time:2h 42min
OSC 27 x 2min
Ha 54 x 2min
Sizes 1920 x 1080 | 5460 x 3678
optional processing OSC only
Adding Ha to the image did not make much of a difference. The Ha emissions of this object are extremely strong and even an unmodified camera picks up a lot of them