The Tulip Nebula

Tulip Nebula

Other names:Sh2-101, LBN 168, Ced 173
Distance:6000 light years
Date:08, 17 and 21-Jun-2018, 30-Aug-2018
Telescope:GSO RC8 carbon
Field of view:58' x 33'
Cameras:Canon 600D, Canon T3i mono mod
Filters:Baader 7nm Ha
Mount:Skywatcher EQ6-R
Guiding:ZWO OAG, Lacerta MGen-II
Exposure time:10h 28min
Ha 36 x 15min
OSC44 x 2min
Sizes 1920 x 1080 | 4704 x 3138
The image is a composite of Ha and one shot color (OSC), Ha enhancing the red channel and luminance. Alas a great part of the OSC data was lost to clouds and no change in the weather was in sight. That is why the background is quite noisy.